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When your organization has achieved basic stability other improvement initiatives can be embarked on. Lean Six Sigma is a business strategy aimed at top hanging fruits of the organization. This strategy seeks to improve business processes to six sigma level whereby improving the company bottom line.
When implementing Lean Six Sigma within the organization, the DMAIC Methodology is followed.

2.1 Lean Six Sigma Deployment
For this initiative to be effective, support structure within the organization must be develop. The following structure is essential:

2.1.1 Champion: Responsible of driving Lean Six Sigma within the organization

2.1.2 Master Black Belt: Responsible of Training Black Belts and assisting Black Belts when constrains arise

2.1.3 Black Belt:  They are Lean Six Sigma tools experts. They lead Lean Six Sigma teams and implement Lean Six Sigma within the organization

2.1.4 Green Belts: Have some level of Lean Six Sigma tools, responsible for supporting Black Belts or running small projects being monitored by the black belt.

2.1.5 Yellow Belt: Introduction to Lean Six Sigma, these are Six Sigma team members who are introduced to Lean Six Sigma methodology and tools.

2.2 Lean Six Sigma Training

2.2.1 Black Belt Training:  Training covers Lean Six Sigma Methodology and lean Six Sigma Tool kit. By the end of this training delegates should have 1 completed training and should be able to apply Lean Six Sigma Methodology on solving complex problems.
Duration 25 days, of which is 5 days a Month are attended

2.2.2 Green Belts Training: This training cover basic quality tools and Lean Six Sigma Methodology. By the end of the training, Delegates should be able to apply DMAIC to solve problems. Although these module don’t cover advance Six Sigma tools which are covered by the Black Belt, delegates have understanding of the Lean Six Sigma methodology and they apply this methodology and solve minor problems with the assistance of the Black Belt.
Duration 5 days Training

2.2.3 Yellow Belt Training:
Introduction to Lean Six Sigma methodology is covered in this training. All employees which are not Black Belts, Green Belts must be trained on Yellow belt level. This introduces Lean Six Sigma methodology to the work force.
Duration 3 days

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