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This is a business strategy that involves everyone, at every level and across every function in an organization. To attain these objectives, available tools are used to eliminate all waste and improve productivity and profitability.
In the long run, only the best have a chance to be international competitors. The Lean |Kaizen Program provides your organization with an integral program to sustain improvements in all areas.

The program consists of business diagnostics, coaching, internal workshops and audits, management meetings, problem analysis, cost optimization and the development of an effective communication strategy for the organization.

1.1 Lean|Kaizen Program implementation process
The journey to achieving Lean varies from organization to organization; there are generally four phases of which the organization will move towards the journey to becoming world class.

1.1.1 Phase 1.  Management awareness
During this stage, awareness is done to all management of Lean|Kaizen program. Included in this session will be a Lean Practitioner who will be responsible for Lean within the organization.

1.1.2 Phase 2. Module and Practice the Kaizen process
With the help of our consultants, you will select a model area, of which the team will implement Lean with the purpose of creating commitment from employees.

1.1.3 Phase 3. Communication strategy development
During this stage, organizations are advised to incorporate Lean|Kaizen activities in their communication strategy. Different levels of communication are established with the purpose of increasing employee involvement.

1.1.4 Phase4. Standardize and extend the Lean|Kaizen process
This phase is comprised of extending Lean practice to all systems within the organization. From the finance department to cleaning department. Every system must be streamlined.

1.1.5 Phase 5. Systemize
Lean |Kaizen spreads to all parts of the organization; organization process and procedure are reviewed to incorporate changes resulting from Lean\Kaizen implementation.
Through all these stages, training, coaching and mentoring services are offered to the organization by one dedicated consultant.

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