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3.1 Lean Practitioner
Understand Lean|Kaizen Tools and Methodology of improving operative sequences and processes. Will be capable of applying initial Lean|Kaizen methods and implementing them in practice.
Training composed of three modules

3.1.1 Total Flow Management
Duration 4 days

3.1.2 Total Productive Management
Duration 4 days

3.1.3 Kaizen Foundations
Duration 4 days.

3.2  Lean| Kaizen Coach (Train the Trainer Module)
This individual is capable of leading Lean Teams and workshops in different applications. He has a mastery of the continuative techniques of the process designing. The information and training of staff can be done by the Lean Coach.
Training composed of six modules

3.2.1 Total Service Management
Duration 3 days

3.2.2 Total Quality Management
Duration 3 days

3.2.3 Total Flow Management
Duration 5 days

3.2.4 Kaizen tool box
Duration 3 days.

3.2.5 Kaizen Coach
Duration 4 days

3.3 Lean| Kaizen Manager
This individual is a Lean manager; He or She understands the Lean tools, encourages and coaches the team to use Lean tools. Utilization of Lean tools to manage the organization is his main priority. Lean managers follow Lean philosophy and they lead by examples.

3.3.1 Lean|Kaizen Controlling
Duration 2 days

3.3.2 Leadership Culture
Duration 3 days

3.3.3 Lean|Kaizen Management
Duration 3 days.

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